The Importance of Basic Photography Skills

Enjoyed by all age groups, photography is an ideal outlet for self-expression and unleashing your creativity. It is an ever-changing field with numerous opportunities that are branched out into different types, like food, wildlife, wedding, and nature photography. Whatever your field of specialization, photographer William Schoellkopf believes you still need a certain set of basic skills that are required for a photographer to be successful. What are those skills and why are they important?


The first and foremost skill expected from a photographer is clicking beautiful photos, and being equipped with the proper know-how of a camera. This can involve spotting the perfect angle and understanding the lighting procedure and different camera settings. Without these primary skills, you are just as good as an average Joe with a camera.


Digital photography has opened doors to a range of artistic possibilities, and it is the job of a photographer to make the most of those opportunities and acquire good editing skills. Considering the prominence of photo editing in today’s technological context, a photographer lagging in those skills can miss out in this dynamic and competitive environment.


HDR Photography Tips and Tricks


HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a set of techniques that allow you to make the shadows and highlights more visible in an image, leading to a flawless photo with perfect shadows and details. The mid-tones, highlights and shadows can all be seen at once using this technique.


In order to create amazing HDR images, you need an effective set of rules and techniques. Hence, follow the following tips compiled by William Schoellkopf:


HDR images should be taken on a tripod because the camera is still and can take perfect images with no blur whatsoever.


Because you need to take at least 2 photos and then combine them, each image must be consistent in terms of aperture and focus. In addition to that, use an ISO lower than 200 for better contrast and less sensitivity to light.


Manual focus helps you take more focused photos, allowing you to ensure the lens will not focus on a detail you don’t want.


Shooting the sky is

Five tips for new wedding photographers

No amount of training or practice can fully prepare you for working as a professional wedding photographer. If you are thinking about this field as a career choice, here are five tips that every new wedding photographer should know.


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You can’t please everyone

You might have done a host of courses you found through the Guild of Photographers, but nothing can really prepare you for the first time you encounter a tearful bride or angry husband.

Weddings, by their very nature, are highly emotional events and sometimes you will be on the receiving end of some of these emotions ‒ and not necessarily of the heart-warming kind. There are times when you won’t make everyone happy and you will have to learn to live with this. Don’t beat yourself up as long as you have tried your best.

Make your schedule work for you

You may choose to work for a company such as or you may decide to set up on your own. Working for yourself takes a lot of day-to-day planning if you want to get it right, as it is

Photography Ideas For Artistic Photography Projects — Negative Space

Are you searching for some photography ideas for a photography project? Selecting a photography project that not only creates some great shots but also helps you build your photography skills would be a good idea. There are various skills that one can pick for a project. This article presents one skill, negative space, which you can use for a photography project that can help to develop your skills.

Negative space is essentially a compositional method. When applied correctly, its use can produce beautiful images.

Making Use of Negative Space

There are three main compositional components to a photography image.

Frame: The border that identifies the edges of the image.

Positive Space: The positive space is composed of the objects that the photo is all about. Put simply, it is the main subject of the photograph.

Negative Space: The space between the positive space and the frame.

Any photograph is formed, in various proportions, of the frame, positive space, and negative space. In order to create impressive photos, it is necessary to manage these components.

When composing photographs, some people tend to think mostly in terms of the positive space. Very little consideration is put into the negative space. It is treated almost as an unimportant part of the

Wedding Photography Sydney – Excellent Suggestions For Stunning and Lasting Memories

There’s a practised art to capturing moment as they unfold on film. There’s a knack to getting in the ideal place at just the right second prepared to capture the best shot. It is the proficiency over and above photographers other than the most qualified specialist wedding ceremony photographers.

Wedding photography Sydney type is about showcasing the bride and the groom, the energy and emotion of the day and the beautiful marriage ceremony destinations Sydney can

Selecting a Marriage ceremony photographer in Sydney is not a dilemma, deciding on the ideal 1 for you, could be tougher than you assume. Not all photographers are the exact, an individual of the superior methods to get the appropriate one particular is to ask all-around relatives and pals. Any individual that has had terrific results from their weddings pictures will commonly be only also happy to advise a photographer. The opposite also applies, any one obtaining a undesirable experience will be guaranteed to give you a name to keep absent from. When you have your listing of those recommended you can make a commence by going to internet websites.

Wedding photographers will showcase their operate on the World wide web this is a excellent way